☀️OWASP LLM Top 10 Newsletter - August '23 Edition☀️

It's our 1st edition, so surely this newsletter will be worth something in the future, right?

Hey everyone! Welcome to the inaugural OWASP LLM Top 10 Newsletter! We've got a whirlwind of updates, so fasten your seat belts! 💨

🚀 Version 1.0 Launch & The Journey Beyond 💫

We kicked off August with the stellar launch of our Version 1.0 and the universe couldn't help but cheer! 🌠 From tweets to news articles (we see you with that snark, The Register!), the reception was out of this world! But we didn't stop there; we're already zooming ahead!

Version 1.0.1: But I thought?

We said we were going to skip releasing a v1.0.1, but sometimes you just get that itch to be awesome and do it anyway. On August 26th, v1.0.1 launched and while it was minor it was mighty! We've sorted out those tricky typos, grammatical gremlins, and formatting fuzz. 📝

A huge shoutout to Mike Finch and Ads Dawson for their fast and fabulous fixes! 🙌

Version 1.1: The Next Frontier!

Let them cook: We're not just rehashing Version 1.0; we're adding sparkle with entry clean-ups, updated references, and even some dazzling diagrams! 🌟 Check out the full month of Upcoming Sprints to get us across that v1.1 finish line! 🏃

  • Sprint 1 (Sept. 1 - Sept. 8): Grammar glam-up and typo termination, plus #team-llm-style brainstorming! 🧠✨

  • Sprint 2 (Sept. 9 - Sept. 15): The community and project leads bring out their magnifying glasses for detail detection! 🔍

  • Sprint 3 (Sept. 16 - Sept. 22): Feedback gets a glow-up as vulnerability leads polish and submit their PRs. 🌈

  • Sprint 4 (Sept. 23 - Oct. 1): Final countdown! Style and design teams transform v1_1 source code into dazzling publications! 🎉

💪 Core Team & Volunteer Updates

Steve Wilson threw out a cosmic net earlier this month to find shining stars for our core team. Those roles have been filled, like Ads Dawson as our v1.1 Release Lead, and me, your humble Postmaster General! 💌 Meet the rest of the Core Team over on Github!

And just because you’re not on the core team doesn’t mean your contribution won’t have a meteoric impact! Jump into our #project-top10-for-llm Slack channel to get started today!

🌎 A Global Project 🌏

Shoutout to our wonderful translators who are working on translating our project into over a dozen different languages! 🤯 Coming soon you’ll be able to learn best practices in Arabic, Chinese, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish 🌏 If you’re interested in translating into a different language, reach out to Mike Finch in the so that we can make our project easy to pick up no matter what language you speak!

🎉 Discover our new website! 🎊

Talking about our resident Design Lead Mike, our llmtop10.com site is now officially live! It’s got all of the great Top 10 content we all collaborated on as well as much much more!

My favorite spot? The Resources page! You'll find downloadable gems like PDFs, Slide Decks, and even downloadable Social Media Assets! They’re great for a social media thread or for including in a presentation!

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Summer may be cooling down, but we're just heating up! 🔥 Don't forget to tune into our bi-weekly meetings or catch the recordings. Invite your peers and friends to subscribe to this newsletter, and make sure to put in a good word for us!

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Your favorite OWASP Top 10 Newsletter delivery person,

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